Use at Home,
at School
or on the Go!
  • Letterboards are a portable, lightweight, convenient tool used by many
    non-verbal or limited-verbal individuals to spell out their thoughts
    and needs, by pointing to the letters displayed on it's surface.

  • Letterboards  have been safely and effectively used by parents and
    professionals, children and adults to fully access expressive language.

  • Letterboards  are currently being used by individuals who utilize the  
    Rapid Prompting Method   and  Facilitated Communication Method.

  • Handy smaller-sized Travelboards also available which may be clipped
    to backpacks, purses, etc.

  • Letterboards  feature a full Mathboard on the back complete with
    numbers and mathematical symbols.

  • Letterboards  are lightweight, easy to use, and feature an exclusive design
    for optimal visual processing and fine motor management.

  • Letterboards  come in two formats to meet the individual needs of our
    customers.  Each format provides letter, number and symbol arrangements
    that are simple to read and spaced to make motor processing less of a

  • Reasonably priced, Letterboards are a very affordable communication
    tool when compared with other communication boards and devices
    currently on the market.
Mission Statement
The goal of Aut 2 Communicate is to contribute
towards empowering autistic & all individuals who have
expressive language difficulties with a means to
communicate and interact with their friends, loved ones
and community; to enable them to have input into the
decisions that shape their lives; to give them
the voice they deserve.
Aut 2 Communicate
Communication & Learning Tools
for Individuals with Autism  
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